How to make sea salted fodder conan exiles

In the game Conan Exiles, creating sea salted fodder is a crucial part of animal husbandry, as it is used to feed various pets and thralls. To make sea salted fodder, follow these steps:

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • Seeds: You can use various seeds, such as plant fiber, feral flesh, or volatile glands. The type of seed you use will determine the type of pet or thrall it can be used to feed.


  1. Gather Seeds:
    • Go out and gather the seeds of your choice. Different seeds can be used to create different types of sea salted fodder, which can be fed to various animals and thralls.
  2. Access a Compost Heap:
    • To create sea salted fodder, you’ll need access to a compost heap. Compost heaps are crafting stations that can be built at your base. They are typically unlocked through the Feats menu as you progress in the game.
  3. Craft Sea Salted Fodder:
    • Approach the compost heap and open its inventory.
    • In the compost heap’s inventory, you will see options to craft various types of fodder, depending on the seeds you have gathered. Select the option for sea salted fodder that matches the type of seeds you’ve collected.
  4. Wait for Production:
    • Once you’ve initiated the crafting process, the compost heap will begin producing sea salted fodder over time. The crafting time may vary depending on server settings and game configurations.
  5. Collect the Sea Salted Fodder:
    • After the crafting process is complete, collect the sea salted fodder from the compost heap’s inventory.
  6. Feed Your Pets and Thralls:
    • With the sea salted fodder in your inventory, you can now feed it to your pets or thralls. Approach the pet or thrall and interact with them. In their inventory, you’ll see a slot for food. Place the sea salted fodder into this slot, and they will consume it over time.

Keep in mind that the type of seed used to create sea salted fodder determines which animals and thralls it can be used to feed. Different animals and thralls have specific preferences for fodder, so be sure to provide them with the appropriate type of sea salted fodder to keep them happy and healthy.

Also, note that Conan Exiles may receive updates and changes, so it’s a good idea to check the in-game crafting recipes and descriptions for the most up-to-date information on how to create sea salted fodder.

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