When will Flipkart come out with an IPO?

Look no further if you want to know when Flipkart will come out with an IPO. You are not alone, as most of the investors in the unlisted shares wish to know when they will list on the exchanges to make huge profits. The significant reason for this is there are many proofs of investors making huge gains, like the recent Tata Technologies listing with a premium of over 140% to the issue price with Flipkart with a current valuation of over 40 billion dollars and having over 50% of the e-commerce market share in India, many like you want to know when Flipkart will come out with an IPO.

So, continue reading this blog until the end to learn the many factors that indicate when Flipkart will launch an IPO to invest in the top e-commerce that grows every year to have huge profits, raising the Flipkart share price in the future.

What all factors indicate when Flipkart come out with an IPO?

After the deferred IPO plans in 2022, for many reasons, including financial considerations, many like you want to know about Flipkart’s IPO trajectory. The many top acquisitions of Flipkart in the past, like Myntra, PhonePe, Clear Trip, Ekart, Flipkart Health, Wholesale and others, are performing well to increase its revenue. Also, Flipkart management has confirmed recently that Flipkart will come out with the IPO at the right time. It may be one of the significant reasons for the rise of Flipkart’s unlisted share price, which will go up further on announcement soon. The following are a few factors that indicate that Flipkart shares should be bought from the top broker, among others.

  • Flipkart registered users increased by 21% to over 400 million, buying over 150 million products in various categories.
  • Revenue of Flipkart increased from only a mere four crore rupees in 2008 to over 56,000 crore rupees in 2023
  • Walmart infused 3.5 billion dollars to increase its stake in Flipkart in 2024 to 85%a rise of around 10% from 77% by its initial investment of over 16 billion dollars in 2018
  • Flipkart current valuation in 2024, even after the PhonePe demerger, is around 40 billion dollars, well over Walmart’s investment of 16 billion dollars.
  • Flipkart, because of increasing sales of millions of products through its various acquisitions, is planning to shift its parent company, Walmart domicile from Singapore to India, which may fulfil the mandatory requirements of SEBI.
  • Flipkart is expanding its sales to over 200 cities, not only including the metros but also second-tier cities across India, to increase its base and investors not only to buy its unlisted shares but also to subscribe to the IPO

The above facts and factors will help you to know that Flipkart’s IPO is to come sooner rather than later, which is to raise Flipkart’s unlisted share price and later raise Flipkart’s stock price NSE to reap huge profits. Call the consultant of the renowned platform to know more about the Tata Capital share price rise and invest in one of the top unlisted shares to yield high returns. Stockify is your go-to platform for real-time stock data, expert analysis, and access to pre-IPO unlisted shares for smart investing. Buy unlisted shares at stokify.

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