All you wanted to know about NSE India

Look no further if you want to know all about NSE India, India’s leading stock exchange and the largest derivatives exchange worldwide in terms of the number of contracts traded. Also, it is the third largest equity exchange worldwide, with over 334 trillion rupees of market capitalisation, increasing yearly. This is because most of the companies in India want to list their shares in this premium exchange, and it now has over 2,266 registered companies. Only with the approval of SEBI to come out with an IPO can companies be listed on NSE. However, with NSE still not getting approval from SEBI, it was not able to list its shares in India’s largest exchange. However, you can invest in NSE as it is available in the grey market, so you can buy from reputed brokers to yield high returns. The NSE share price has risen from Rs. 3400 to Rs. 4800 in less than a year, which is expected to rise further on its IPO to come out in 2024 or 2025.

In this blog, let us discuss all about NSE India and why you need to invest in one of the top unlisted shares through a renowned online platform to yield high returns as the NSE stock price is rising rapidly.

What is NSE India?

One of the early beneficiaries of digitalisation was the stock exchanges worldwide and in India, which made investing easy, simple, quick, and transparent as early as 1994. Only then was investing in India in stocks a complicated process that needed more transparency and involved many challenges. Paper-based investing, as the stocks were available only in the physical form, and most of the process is arduous, maintaining the books and outcry system in the exchanges. There were many regional exchanges in India, such as BSE, MSE, CSE, and others, where brokers execute clients’ orders. However, NSE was founded 1992 as a private corporation by LIC, IFCI, IDBI, and others, enabling paperless trading from 1994. It revolutionised the entire investing system in India with depositories to keep the electronic form of shares, easy ordering, quick deliveries, and paperless digitalised investing safe. Hence, NSE India became the prominent exchange in India and is also a stringent competitor to the around one and half century Bombay Stock Exchange.

Why is the NSE share price available only in the grey market?

BSE, or Bombay Stock Exchange, is the first exchange in India to list in NSE on February 3, 2017, at around Rs. 1,000 against the issue price of Rs. 806. It is now trading at close to Rs. 3,000, increasing investors’ excitement to buy NSE unlisted shares in the grey market through the top market, as reports confirm that NSE will come out with an IPO soon. The significant reason for the NSE share price being available only in the grey market is that SEBI has not approved it for a few reasons. However, with most guidelines fulfilled, the NSE stock price will soon be available on the exchanges.

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